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Attorney Stuart Kirchick Explains His Covid Procedures For Clients

Attorney Stuart Kirchick Explains His Covid Procedures For Clients

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“If somebody is concerned about COVID, what would you say to them? And how could you help them? If they have criminal case and they come to your office, or they contact you, excuse me, what are your COVID procedures?”

Stuart Kirchick– Criminal Defense Attorney – Santa Clara County, CA

“Sure. I mean, you know, through COVID, we all learned how to use Zoom really well. The courts, basically, accommodated the situation by setting up all the courtrooms with remote access to the court. Which allows me to tell a client, in situations where someone’s really concerned about COVID, someone doesn’t feel well, or for whatever reason, you could be remote, I’ll give you the link. I may be present in court, or I’ll be remote. Remote, I’ll let you know. And we line that up.

And then, fortunately, in July of 2022, just six months ago, when a couple counties were thinking about getting rid of the remote technology, as COVID as sort of going away, Omicron was kind of going away. A couple courts didn’t like it. They’re ready to get rid of it. And then it became state law that all courts must maintain a remote capability. They leave it to the discretion of the judge on how to do it, but there’s remote. There has to be remote access. And so, anyone concerned about COVID, they could come into my office and be masked up, of course. We could just talk over the phone. We could do Zoom for court, it’s okay. You could appear remotely. So, pretty much takes care of it, now.”

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