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Why Lawyers Should Use Attorneys.Media

What if there was a no-risk, no-obligation opportunity for attorneys to get their name and their approach to how they practice law, online and all-over social media, with only one hour of conversation?

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What if the attorney could say, “I’ll try it for 30 days, see how the videos get my name across the internet and only then will I have to decide if I want to keep on going?”

What if that monthly cost, after 30 days, was only equal to two restaurant dinners for a couple?

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What if only ONE new client the entire year paid for the annual cost?

Attorneys.Media is a media platform dedicated to highlight interviews with “Local Attorneys” about those questions the public always asks.

  • Attorneys.Media creates voluminous content about YOU from a single one-hour interview.
  • Each ”question and answer” in the in-person interview creates a 1–2-minute video.
  • Those 30-40 videos are uploaded to our site together with a transcription of each video.
  • A 10-15 second “teaser video” is created for each of those videos and uploaded to nearly a dozen Attorneys.Media social media sites, directing the user to your full video on our site.
  • We provide unique JPG thumbnails and link to the full videos for YOUR website.
  • We also provide every teaser video with a different social media thumbnail for YOUR social media accounts (using your image) to drive traffic back to YOUR website.
  • Every two weeks we will interview you via Zoom about a current newsworthy legal issue, so the public sees frequent relevant videos of your opinions, creating another 26 videos and 26 teaser videos about YOU.
  • Your videos will also be shown on our sites for other industries (when online) if the public has a need for legal answers such as:
    • BailBonds.Media (Criminal Law)
    • Chiropractors.Media, Physicians.Media (Personal Injury Law)
    • Realtors.Media (Real Estate Law)
    • InsuranceAgents.Media (Estate and Tax Law)
    • HairSalons.Media, AutoRepair.Media, Professionals.Media and more (Business Law)

    …therefore increasing your online exposure by 100% or 200% or more.

  • Every video from your interviews on our site (s) creates a backlink to your website.

Here is how it works...

We create standard questions for the interview about YOUR field of law. Questions the public seems to ask regularly when in need of representation. In the interview, your answers will create additional questions specific to your approach to your law practice. During editing, we will create 30-40 videos from the questions and answers. Those videos are uploaded to our site, Attorneys.Media, with all accompanying SEO data, as well as the other applicable industry sites. A teaser video for each question is uploaded to nearly a dozen social media sites, again with all accompanying SEO data, for each industry site.

From just one hour of conversation, your online presence will increase by 780 to 1,040 posts!

Technology and theinternet created the environment for Attorneys.Media. 90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions. One of a kind, Attorneys.Media showcases your ability to answer thepublic’s questions and help them make a better decisions about their issues.

You sit down for one hour, and we do the rest.

It’s simple. Talk and Try it!

Attorneys.Media will be the best way the public can find attorneys and get answers.

Call us at 855-435-3000, or fill in the form below to set up a time to discuss your interview options.

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