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Frequently Asked Questions

There is NO CHARGE to the general public. Users are free to browse and contact any of our attorneys on our platform. Attorney fees are separate from our platform and are exclusively arranged between attorneys and their clients.

Please use the “Contact Us” form or the “Question and Answer” form to tell us what legal question or topic you are interested in so that we can interview local attorneys that can provide these answers.

Use the “Search” function to find other counties where attorneys can assist you or have answered your question.

No. Please use the contact information available on each video to contact the attorney of your choice directly.

We want you to see and hear the attorney talking about those issues that are important to you at this time. We believe the public can make a better choice of an attorney to help you by viewing attorneys discussing legal topics and current legal events, rather than relying on ratings and reviews by other people that may be influenced by circumstances unrelated to your situation.

Yes, we do collect certain types of information regarding visitors and searches on our website. Please review our Privacy Policy and Cookies page.

No, we do not sell your personal information. Please review our Privacy Policy and Cookies page.

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