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Video – Google Helpful Content Update For Lawyers!

Video – Google Helpful Content Update For Lawyers!

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

If you are a lawyer in private practice, how do you market your law firm to the public?

Of course, referrals, networking, and repeat clients.

But industry data shows 33% to 50% of your clients will come from digital marketing

That’s Up to ONE-HALF of your business from online marketing. Great, right?

So, How many marketing companies have told you, “we’ll get you on the first page”?

And…to how many lawyers has that same marketing company made that same promise?

What does that marketing company do differently than the other 100 marketing companies behind them?

Aren’t they all doing the same SEO optimization?

Now…More importantly, today….

Has anyone told you about Google’s new search algorithm update? Described as the helpful content update?

In short, in Googles own words, “Google’s new helpful content update specifically targets “content that seems to have been primarily created for ranking well in search engines rather than to help or inform people”. It means you may not rank anywhere near what you used to rank. And Google says it may take months to recover….

So, have you heard the phrase “Content is King”?

Now my question is….does your site have content that helps or informs potential clients?

How do you create that content?

Here’s the easiest answer….Attorneys.Media

We are a content creator for answers to questions the public always asks.

That fits perfectly with Google’s helpful content update, right?

Attorneys.Media creates an extraordinary amount of video content from just a one-hour interview.

In fact, we are so confident that content will get your voice and message out to the public, that we will interview you for one hour about your field of law, edit those answers into 30-40 videos, put those videos up on our sites, together with a teaser video for each answer on a dozen social media sites, all for ZERO cost.

Only after 30 days, when you say you want to continue seeing those videos online, will we arrange the monthly subscription, which, in fact, is only about the same amount as two restaurant dinners for a couple. That’s it!

Attorneys.Media will be the site for the public to get answers to their frequent questions about the legal system. Don’t be left out.

Contact us today for your interview.

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