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I Just Got Injured! What Are My Rights? I Don’t Want To Lose My Rights, So What Do I Do?

I Just Got Injured! What Are My Rights? I Don’t Want To Lose My Rights, So What Do I Do?

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“You led me to my next question. As an injured person, what are my rights? Is there a period of time, when I have to do something, or do I lose my rights? So what are my rights as an injured individual?”

Andrew Dósa – Personal Injury Lawyer – Alameda County, CA

“Let’s go back and talk about the context. In our culture, we have a very appropriate perspective on things. It is based on a moral arc, which is…”that when we live our lives with the freedom we have, we are also responsible for how we act.”

That means if we have the freedom to drive our vehicle, but we were negligent, careless, inattentive, or distracted, and we cause injury to another person, we, along with the privilege and freedom and driving freedom, we have a responsibility to account for how we behave. Obviously, that result is applicable to the other driver who may have caused the accident. But the question of who caused the accident may be in dispute… it depends on the facts. But that’s where you start.

What are your rights? Your rights are to be treated fairly by other people. So when someone hasn’t treated you fairly, which includes being negligent… being negligent or inattentive doesn’t mean you obviously mean to harm someone. It just means you were distracted. A “right” then arises for the person you’ve harmed, and that’s where we go from there. What do you do if you have been hurt? What are the ways you measure damage? How do you go about protecting your interests? Do you advocate for yourself? Do you advocate with a lawyer? And so on…”

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Andrew Dosa

Andrew Dosa


Andrew Alexander Dósa is a trial attorney with more than 36 years of experience in civil/business litigation, criminal defense, personal injury claims, and estate planning.


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