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Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Explains Why A DUI Drug Arrest May Not Lead To A Conviction

Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Explains Why A DUI Drug Arrest May Not Lead To A Conviction

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“So, is it black and white? If anything shows up, you are under the influence, then?”

Regina Tsombanakis– Criminal Defense Attorney – Broward County, FL

“As far as getting arrested.”

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“Really? I mean… getting arrested, but then the following question is… conviction. Can they convict on it?”

Regina Tsombanakis– Criminal Defense Attorney – Broward County, FL

“That’s a little different. But, for purposes of conviction, it’s a little harder. Because during conviction, I mean during the trial, you have the opportunity to educate the people there about how long certain substances stay. And I’m sure there’s a lot of people with prescription medication… Xanax is one of the most prescribed in this entire country. And they’d be thrilled to know that if they got stopped and they took Xanax three days ago, it’s going to come up.

And, whoa, whoa, whoa… But I haven’t taken it. I’m not driving on it. “Well, ma’am, it says you are.” So, at that point you get arrested. But when it goes to the trial, you have more of an opportunity to explain how long it stays in your system. You can show your prescriptions. So, it may not go to conviction, but it will give you all the hassles of the DUI. No license. Can’t drive. Everything, whether you’re guilty or not, and whether the case, you’re convicted, or not, you still have to go through all those hurdles.”

Attorney Regina Tsombanakis: Your Advocate in Florida’s Legal Landscape

In the vast and intricate realm of Florida’s legal system, Attorney Regina Tsombanakis stands as a beacon of hope for those in need of steadfast representation. With an unparalleled understanding of Florida’s felony classifications and misdemeanor nuances, Regina brings experience and dedication to every case she handles.

A sought-after expert, especially in DUI and traffic offense laws, she has proven time and again her prowess in navigating the complex DUI regulations specific to Florida. Regina’s commitment extends beyond the common cases; she is a recognized authority on domestic violence defense, ensuring that the stories of her clients are both heard and vindicated.

What sets Regina apart is her dedication to educating her clients. With a firm belief in the adage “Know Your Rights!”, she consistently empowers those she represents, ensuring they are well-informed at every stage of their legal journey. From addressing police misconduct to leading the charge in challenging child abuse allegations, Regina’s extensive knowledge and compassionate approach make her an invaluable asset.

Her expertise isn’t limited to state-level cases. With a deep understanding of federal court procedures, Regina ensures her clients have top-tier representation, whether it’s a bond hearing, an arraignment, or more severe allegations like robbery and arson.

For those looking to clear their past, Regina’s skill in Florida record expungement offers a lifeline, guiding individuals through the process of restoring their reputations. Furthermore, her adeptness in handling probation modifications and early terminations showcases her holistic approach to criminal defense.

At the heart of Regina’s practice is a genuine desire to defend and serve. Whether you’re a juvenile in need of defense, an individual facing drug charges, or someone navigating the complexities of probation violations, Regina Tsombanakis is the advocate you want by your side in Florida’s legal arena.

Felonies: Regina Tsombanakis is an expert in handling ‘Florida felony cases’, ensuring every client understands the stakes. With her in-depth knowledge of ‘Florida felony classifications’, she crafts defense strategies to give clients the best chance against severe charges.

Misdemeanors: In the realm of ‘misdemeanor defense in Florida’, Regina Tsombanakis shines. She offers top-tier representation, ensuring that even minor charges are dealt with utmost importance.

DUI, Traffic, Driving Offenses: Regina is a sought-after ‘Florida DUI attorney’, adept at navigating intricate ‘Florida driving offenses’. She delves into every traffic incident detail, ensuring clients get the best possible outcome.

DUI Laws in Florida: Understanding ‘Florida’s DUI laws’ is crucial, and Regina Tsombanakis offers unparalleled expertise. She helps clients dissect complex DUI regulations, ensuring fair treatment throughout the process.

Juvenile Defense: Regina Tsombanakis stands out in ‘Florida juvenile defense’. Recognizing the unique nature of ‘juvenile court processes’, she offers compassionate and determined representation for younger clients.

Drug Charges: Facing ‘Florida drug allegations’? Regina Tsombanakis brings a robust defense strategy, ensuring her clients are well-equipped against severe drug-related accusations.

Drug Possession: For those facing ‘drug possession in Florida’, Regina offers a defense rooted in knowledge and experience. She examines evidence and challenges procedural missteps to provide clients the best defense against possession charges.

Domestic Violence: Regina Tsombanakis is an authority on ‘Florida domestic violence defense’. She ensures that her clients’ stories are heard, leveraging her experience to navigate these sensitive cases effectively.

Record Expungement: Looking to clear past mistakes? Regina excels in ‘Florida record expungement’, guiding clients through the process to potentially restore their reputations.

Federal Court Cases: With intricate ‘federal court procedures’, Regina Tsombanakis offers expertise that stands out. She deftly navigates federal laws, providing clients with top-notch representation.

Probation Violations: Regina Tsombanakis has a stellar track record in ‘Florida probation violation defense’, ensuring clients have a voice against accusations of not following probation terms.

Early Termination / Probation Modification: Seeking ‘probation modification in Florida’? Regina is adept at representing clients for early termination or adjustment of probation terms.

Bond Hearings: Regina Tsombanakis shines when it comes to ‘Florida bond hearings’, ensuring clients get fair treatment and a chance for reduced bonds.

Know Your Rights!: Regina believes in empowering her clients. She educates them on their ‘legal rights in Florida’, ensuring they’re well-prepared and informed throughout the legal process.

Police Misconduct: Facing unjust treatment? Regina Tsombanakis is a champion for those alleging ‘police misconduct in Florida’, ensuring their grievances are heard and rights protected.

Assault and Battery: Regina offers a strong defense for ‘assault and battery cases in Florida’, leveraging her extensive knowledge to challenge accusations and seek justice for her clients.

Robbery and Armed Robbery: With experience in ‘Florida robbery defense’, Regina Tsombanakis provides an assertive stance against allegations, ensuring clients have a fighting chance.

Arraignment: For those navigating the ‘Florida arraignment process’, Regina offers guidance and representation, ensuring clients understand every step.

Arson: Facing arson charges? Regina Tsombanakis provides a detailed ‘Florida arson defense’, diving deep into evidence and ensuring clients get a fair trial.

Child Abuse: Regina Tsombanakis is adept at handling ‘child abuse allegations in Florida’, offering a balanced defense strategy while understanding the case’s sensitive nature.

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