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Video – Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Answers If Any Drug Law Changes Have Occurred In Florida

Video – Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Answers If Any Drug Law Changes Have Occurred In Florida

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“Is that in the last, gosh, may be five years, not quite ten…but there’s been a huge change on how District Attorneys, States’ Attorneys, Prosecutors, you know, whatever they call them, in the different states. And in Florida, it’s State Attorney, am I correct? What the States’ Attorneys ah….file…maybe they used to file against this, but they don’t file any more. Has there been a big change in the drug laws in Florida?”

Regina Tsombanakis– Criminal Defense Attorney – Broward County, FL

“There’s been change in that it is now medicinal. So people, now, some people have a right to have it. Versus before it was completely illegal. There was no reason that you could say, ‘I got it here, the doctor prescribed it’. That just wasn’t there. So now, when an officer stops you, they usually have to ask you if you have a prescription for marijuana, if they smelled marijuana.

So, it’s a little different. They can’t just go search you, because you could legally have reason for smelling in your car now. Versus before, there could be no legal reason. It had to be against the law. Now, it’s not. So, can you use…… educated that marijuana is not their enemy? It’s not causing all these problems for people. That is not the issue.

And a lot of it is so medicinal. And it helped the health and people in so many ways that you’re doing a little bit of a different take on it. Never really seen any dangerous marijuana addict wandering the road and doing anything!”

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