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Video – Attorney Michael Campbell Discusses Why He Focuses On Business Dispute Resolutions In His Law Practice

Video – Attorney Michael Campbell Discusses Why He Focuses On Business Dispute Resolutions In His Law Practice

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“Researching, of course, attorneys. And there’s lots of attorneys out there that talk about…that they focus on business, but it’s mostly on business formation. And, you know, the contracts ahead of time, the incorporation, LLC, sole prop(rietor), and the regulations to open up within a business, within an area, etc, etc. I didn’t see…I assumed as much. But what’s interesting is that in our conversation, what intrigued you…your interest level, was the business disputes. So, what brought your interest to that part of the business? And of course, in addition to the formation of the business, because that’s part in parcel with preventing, some of this, of course.”

Michael Campbell – Business Dispute Attorney – Pierce County, WA

“Exactly. And after you’ve done all the work of forming something, things don’t always go according to plan. And that’s where the disputes come in. And sometimes there are attorneys who will just run a virtual mill of forming corporations for a cheap price. And all they do… is they hand you a book and say, okay, here’s your corporation. I’ve filed it with the state and now you’re legal. Be sure you keep notes at meetings and that’s the end of it. They never think about it after that.

But disputes do come up. And because they come up… I’m interested to see what went wrong at the formation stage, or what went wrong at the formation of a contract, as often as not, they’re contractual disputes. And they could be oral contracts as well as written contracts. And when it’s oral, it’s often a case of, he said, she said. One party says, well, we agreed on this the other party says, no…we didn’t. We agreed on that.

And so, an awful lot of this really ends up getting resolved at the level of the parties before even anybody files a lawsuit. So, I get involved as a negotiator and mediator, either formally or informally, and usually it’s informal, and we get the things resolved. So, it’s…it just happens, it’s going to happen. Things just break. Things go wrong. Things happen.”

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