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Video – Attorney Spencer Freeman Discusses If You Should Hire An Attorney For Your Personal Injury Claim Or Not?

Video – Attorney Spencer Freeman Discusses If You Should Hire An Attorney For Your Personal Injury Claim Or Not?

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“Obviously, talking about going to a trial, having a jury at the trial, that presumes, of course, that you have a personal injury attorney. The question that some people have in their mind, when they start this whole process, is ‘should I really hire a personal injury attorney’? So, what’s the criteria they should evaluate, to whether they should hire a personal injury attorney or not?”

Spencer Freeman – Personal Injury Attorney – Pierce County, WA

“So, I think…and again, because you’re talking to a personal injury attorney, you’re going to get the answer that you should always should. But reality is, if you are injured in an accident or in an incident, and there is an at-fault party, I think you should always consult an attorney. Insurance companies that are indemnifying the at-fault parties will almost invariably devalue claims and try to get you to accept the settlement lower than it’s really valued. It’s important to remember that those particular insurance companies, they don’t have any duties to you as the harmed party. Their duties are only to their own insureds. So, when they’re trying to pay you out money, they can do whatever they want as far as devaluing, or telling you there’s no liability, or how they approach you. They don’t have any duty to you.

Whereas, your attorney does have a duty to you, and your attorneys’ job is to take a review of the case, create some sort of assessed value of the case, and then try to negotiate that with the insurance company. It’s a lot harder for individuals to do that process on their own.”

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