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Video – What Are The Most Important Issues To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

Video – What Are The Most Important Issues To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

Ray Hrdlicka – Presenter – Attorneys.Media

“Whenever someone talks to me… ‘well, how do I hire a lawyer? What do I do? Who do I hire?’ My answer to them is, whoever you talk to, whoever you hire, you have to feel very comfortable and trust that lawyer. So what do you do to establish that… that this person needs to trust me? How do you convey that I’m going to serve you, your interests, and that I’m going to serve you? am I going to represent this insurance company to the best of my ability? How do you convey that security and confidence? What do you say to the client?”

Andrew Dósa – Personal Injury Lawyer – Alameda County, CA

“Well, I’ll back off and say that I usually give you perspective this way. There are two things you want your attorney to do. One is that you want them to act like they are competent. And that’s pretty easy. There are many lawyers who are competent. The second part is the most challenging. I mean, it’s someone you’re going to work with. Not necessarily intimately, and yet you will occasionally have a block of time where you will need to be together with the attorney, such as in a deposition or answering interrogatories if you are in a discovery stage of litigation. But for the most part, the client just wants to know that he feels comfortable with you.

It’s simple. If you have two restaurants and they offer essentially the same thing, but you know that in one place they won’t always be at the table to serve you, then it’s easy. You go to the other place. Unless the food is so much better than you are willing to put up with the inconvenience. It really is a question of a mixture between the quality of the service and the quality of what is being served to you”.

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