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Video – Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Explains Why Her Practice Is Different From Other Attorneys

Video – Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Explains Why Her Practice Is Different From Other Attorneys

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“You know, you obviously have been practicing for more than twenty years. So, what can you say to the client coming in the door, the client that’s watching this video, why you’re different than the guy, or the person next door, you know, the guy, or the woman next door, or down the street, or the billboard they see as they drive down, you know, the highway. You know what… You’ve been practicing there for a while. And so, what… and then maybe the second part of that question is, how has your approach changed to the clients over the years?”

Regina Tsombanakis– Criminal Defense Attorney – Broward County, FL

“Well, I’ve always kind of taken more of a holistic approach with my clients. I try not to just defend them. I try to have them, at the end of our interaction, in our case, kind of be on the right path again. I don’t overextend myself. I don’t take a million cases and have other lawyers go in there. I deal with my cases. They’ll deal with me.

And most of the time the people have known me. I don’t even advertise. I just have referrals. And I can have a Mom call me and her grandson now is in trouble, and so they know me because I have taken a holistic approach with them. And I do try to make everyone better. I mean, just as a citizen of the world, you know, let’s help you get off these drugs, and let’s get you a job, and let’s look at what we can do. And I just try to treat every case as its own case. And I think that’s what makes it different about me. I don’t look at you as, oh, another one of these. I’m like, let me listen to you.

And what is the issue? How did we get here? And what are you going to do? Because I can help you once, but twice, three times, four times…it’s going to come to an end. Not always going to win, but you’re probably going to live a long life. So, what are you going to do?”

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“I get that.”

Regina Tsombanakis– Criminal Defense Attorney – Broward County, FL

“And I’ve had a lot of success stories I’m very proud of, and juveniles that are now adults with their own families, that I’ve never had a problem again. And I feel really great about that. And they tell people about that, and they like that. And I think that’s what makes me different. And I try to truly care and ask people about where they’re coming from, where they want to go, with how I can help them get there.”

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