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Video – Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Explains How Forensics Can Work For You In A Criminal Case And Not Always Against You

Video – Attorney Regina Tsombanakis Explains How Forensics Can Work For You In A Criminal Case And Not Always Against You

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“What do you look at when you are analyzing that type of case in terms of the forensics, does it work always against you? Can you actually use forensic to work for you?”

Regina Tsombanakis– Criminal Defense Attorney – Broward County, FL

“It can work for you. Forensics have come a long way. They first started with their DNA and the different things we do, but now we’ve narrowed it down where DNA is extremely, extremely close. But one of the things that I’ve learned in doing these types of cases is just because a test will come back, as that person’s DNA is on it… I don’t really know how much of that DNA, nor where it was, nor was it intertwined with a bunch of other DNA.

And so, a lot of the times we’ve got our own forensic analyst to analyze, and many times we found that the amount of DNA was trace. And the object was found in a car with four other people whose DNA was also on it. So now it doesn’t seem very like a locked, solid case for them. So, you know, just because they say, their expert has said that this DNA is a match…it may be, but it may not be much of a match. Or in the case I had where there was DNA on towels at the house, when that person went to the bathroom, washed her hands in the bathroom… their DNA is there. It doesn’t mean they committed a crime. It doesn’t mean they committed a crime just because their DNA’s there.

So, a lot of the time with forensics…is like, oh, aha, there’s your DNA… committed the crime. No, might just mean you were there.”

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