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For Attorneys: The best way attorneys can reach people who need help

For Attorneys: The best way attorneys can reach people who need help

We are an internet media company dedicated to highlight local attorney’s analysis of perpetual legal industry questions and current legal issues through personal interviews.

Here’s what we do: You sit down with us for an hour interview on camera. We’ll talk about the areas of law that you focus on, and those persistent questions that clients always ask. Then, we will edit the interview into 30-50 short videos highlighting your individual answers to those legal questions, one to two minutes each, which is then uploaded to our local websites for your area. We will also produce very short, 10-15 second, teaser videos for each one of those question and answer videos. Now those teaser videos are posted on all the major social media sites to drive the consumer to your video that answers that question. And lastly, every week or so, we’ll do an online interview with you, two or three minutes, about current legal issues in your area, and upload those edited video to our sites for more of your relevant content.

And we do all that at NO CHARGE. We put your videos up on our sites for the first month for FREE. Only after that first month will we charge a small monthly fee for the online videos. And if you choose not to continue after the free first month, there is no financial liability whatsoever.

The public gets to hear you speak about issues important to them. They get to make up their mind about your services by seeing and hearing you talk about issues they want answers to…and not relying solely on “online reviews”.

Thanks for visiting Attorneys.Media, and our specific local website for your area. It’s the best place to get your voice out to the public when they’re searching for answers.

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