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Video – Attorney Michael Campbell Explains How An Arbitrator Is Chosen In Business Disputes

Video – Attorney Michael Campbell Explains How An Arbitrator Is Chosen In Business Disputes

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“About the difference between arbitration and mediation? I flipped between both of those. Obviously, there’s a difference in the legal aspect. Please.”

Michael Campbell – Business Dispute Attorney – Pierce County, WA

“An arbitrator is one who is a substitute judge. And sometimes, contracts call for disputes to be resolved in arbitration. And the typical way that’s done is that the party who’s got a complaint voices it. May write out a complaint… and they’ll suggest an arbitrator, and the other party will suggest an arbitrator. And if they don’t agree on who the arbitrator should be, they’ll have a provision in the contract for how they resolve that. Either they go through some process where the two arbitrators select a third one, and maybe they have three arbitrators, I don’t know. It just depends.”

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