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Attorney Andre Clark Explains How Real Estate Litigation Is Different From Other Types Of Law As Agents And Brokers Are Involved

Attorney Andre Clark Explains How Real Estate Litigation Is Different From Other Types Of Law As Agents And Brokers Are Involved

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“Real estate litigation is a little bit different from other types of litigation, other types of law, because there’s a number of parties involved, intricately involved in that transaction. Like, for instance, there’s a real estate agent on both sides, there’s a… then a broker on both sides of the litigation. So, you’ve got a number of parties. Does that affect how you approach a case?”

Andre Clark – Real Estate Attorney – Los Angeles County, CA

“Of course. One thing to kind of point out that real estate transactions, why they often involve multiple parties. Sometimes they do not. Sometimes there’s only one broker or one agent. Sometimes people go on Google, in complete, real estate transaction on their own. Or sometimes, even when a broker is involved, the dispute is between the buyer and the seller, or a buyer and an escrow company, or just two owners after they purchase the property, which would have nothing to do with a broker.

So, just like any civil case, it really depends on the surrounding facts and circumstances and the nature of the case. And every case is approached that way. Every case, to me, even if put in a category as a real estate case, it’s a civil case, and it has these unique characteristics. Rarely do I find exact facts, exactly the same. There’s always something that may change how I review things.

When I take on a case, I do civil real estate litigation, it’s civil litigation. It’s just the area of civil litigation. And when I take on the case, I usually do a case audit to review, and give you my take on what I think from the outset. Rather than somebody just calling me,

‘hey, a transaction went wrong. Pay me this money and I’ll go sue’,

I always review a case up front, and I’ve reviewed so many cases… they’re never the same, even if they have the same cause of action, breach of contract, fraud or whatever. Just to answer your question. If it could be between two parties or it could be between five, it just really depends on what happened in the case and what issue has to be resolved.”

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Andre Clark has a long history in real estate, starting his career in 2005. He managed hundreds of properties and gained valuable experience in the industry. In 2018, he decided to pursue his passion and become a real estate lawyer. He opened his own firm, the Law Office of Andre Clark, serving clients in four counties in California. His expertise in real estate helps him handle complex contract issues for his high-profile clients. He can draft, review, and enforce contracts with skill and confidence. “I love what I do,” he says. “It’s like solving a puzzle; I find the best solution for each case.” He has achieved impressive results, including winning a Ninth Circuit oral argument in his first year as a lawyer—a decision that was published.

Andre leads a successful law practice with the help of several of-counsel attorneys who join him as needed. Clients appreciate the knowledge and experience that Andre and his team offer, as well as the dedication and attention they give to each case. Andre is also committed to transparency and communication with his clients. He always conducts an audit of each case before taking it on, to help his clients avoid litigation whenever possible. He has earned high ratings on Avvo for his work. “I always listen to what my clients want and make sure I deliver,” he says. “I’m proud to be honest and trustworthy.”


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