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Video – Attorney Andre Clark Explains The Typical Real Estate Issues Involved In Litigation

Video – Attorney Andre Clark Explains The Typical Real Estate Issues Involved In Litigation

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“Hi, today we’re sitting with Andre Clark, a real estate attorney in Long Beach, who also has an office in an Bernardino County, that’s Long Beach, Los Angeles County, of course. And we’re going to be talking about real estate litigation. Obviously, it’s a very emotional topic for most people involved in a real estate discussion. So, let’s jump right into it.

Andre… so, in a general sense, what are the typical real estate litigation issues that arise?”

Andre Clark – Real Estate Attorney – Los Angeles County, CA

“Well, I can only speak from my perspective, because real estate can go into many areas of the law, like family law, and even, you know, a lot of businesses, rent buildings, which could involve real estate. But in my office, as we typically deal with disputes between owners over title, or disputes between neighbors. And a lot of what we do involves contract disputes that involve real estate transactions. And often, because some real estates are investments, and investments of more than one person that’s not married, that will be a dispute between business partners sometimes.

So, there’s a broad list of different types of issues that can come up in real estate, because you also have various rules, laws and regulations that govern the real estate transactions and activities. Because it’s really one of the most… largest transactions that most people would ever conduct in their life, and that’s why you have so many statutes. And when they’re violated, or contracts are violated, and there’s an issue with title, those type of issues often end up in court and litigation proceeds from there.”

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Andre Clark has a long history in real estate, starting his career in 2005. He managed hundreds of properties and gained valuable experience in the industry. In 2018, he decided to pursue his passion and become a real estate lawyer. He opened his own firm, the Law Office of Andre Clark, serving clients in four counties in California. His expertise in real estate helps him handle complex contract issues for his high-profile clients. He can draft, review, and enforce contracts with skill and confidence. “I love what I do,” he says. “It’s like solving a puzzle; I find the best solution for each case.” He has achieved impressive results, including winning a Ninth Circuit oral argument in his first year as a lawyer—a decision that was published.

Andre leads a successful law practice with the help of several of-counsel attorneys who join him as needed. Clients appreciate the knowledge and experience that Andre and his team offer, as well as the dedication and attention they give to each case. Andre is also committed to transparency and communication with his clients. He always conducts an audit of each case before taking it on, to help his clients avoid litigation whenever possible. He has earned high ratings on Avvo for his work. “I always listen to what my clients want and make sure I deliver,” he says. “I’m proud to be honest and trustworthy.”


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