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Video – Attorney Andre Clark Answers If Real Estate Contracts Can Prevent Disputes Or Litigation

Video – Attorney Andre Clark Answers If Real Estate Contracts Can Prevent Disputes Or Litigation

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

“Isn’t a real estate contract supposed to prevent the potential problems that may arise? You can get them sorted out ahead of time.”

Andre Clark – Real Estate Attorney – Los Angeles/San Bernardino County, CA

“Yeah, contracts are aimed to document the agreement between the parties. So, it’s clear, or it should be clear. Who’s responsible for what. But the contract itself doesn’t actually force a human body or corporation to perform according to the contract. So, the contract is a device that you can take the court to say,

‘court, this is our agreement, and they didn’t perform. And that’s why we are here to litigate.’

And there’s all kinds of reasons why people don’t perform. Sometimes people intentionally don’t perform, don’t pay. Sometimes people feel like they’re not responsible for performance because the contract is vague, or performance has been excused. It’s not always a breach for non-performance. And because contracts are often written with a lot of legal jargon, sometimes there is confusion as to the parties of what they even signed up for.

And some, often parties take actions or make decisions without consulting with an attorney first, and thinking they’re right. And then they find out they’re wrong. Once you find out your wrong, you may already be in breach So yes, contracts are intended to keep people out of court and try to mitigate going to court. Some of them have mediation provisions and arbitration provisions.

But at the end of the day, if a person or party or corporation does not want to perform… you… you have to go to court, and you would sue on the contract. It’s much better to have a written contract, than an oral contract, that outlines the terms. I don’t know that was a long way to answer your question. I mean, a short answer to your question is yes. Yes. Contracts are intended to keep people, or hopefully keep people out of court. But not… They don’t always do so.”

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Andre Clark has a long history in real estate, starting his career in 2005. He managed hundreds of properties and gained valuable experience in the industry. In 2018, he decided to pursue his passion and become a real estate lawyer. He opened his own firm, the Law Office of Andre Clark, serving clients in four counties in California. His expertise in real estate helps him handle complex contract issues for his high-profile clients. He can draft, review, and enforce contracts with skill and confidence. “I love what I do,” he says. “It’s like solving a puzzle; I find the best solution for each case.” He has achieved impressive results, including winning a Ninth Circuit oral argument in his first year as a lawyer—a decision that was published.

Andre leads a successful law practice with the help of several of-counsel attorneys who join him as needed. Clients appreciate the knowledge and experience that Andre and his team offer, as well as the dedication and attention they give to each case. Andre is also committed to transparency and communication with his clients. He always conducts an audit of each case before taking it on, to help his clients avoid litigation whenever possible. He has earned high ratings on Avvo for his work. “I always listen to what my clients want and make sure I deliver,” he says. “I’m proud to be honest and trustworthy.”


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