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Video – As A Lawyer, Have You Ever Thought About Video To Market Your Firm?

Video – As A Lawyer, Have You Ever Thought About Video To Market Your Firm?

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

As a Lawyer, have you ever thought about video to market your firm?

Video is one of the more important marketing moves you can make

But you’re busy, rightfully so, too busy to spend the time preparing the video content, the video topics, editing videos, uploading videos and then promoting the videos with SEO

And that’s why Attorneys.Media can solve all those issues for you.

We are Content Creators For Answers To Legal Questions The Public Always Asks

Listen to what we do, and then ask yourself this question , “Can it be any easier?”

We will interview you for one hour about your field of law, edit those answers in 30-40 videos, put those videos up on our sites, together with a teaser video for each answer on a dozen social media sites, for ZERO cost.

Only after 30 days, when you say you want to continue seeing those videos online, will we arrange the monthly subscription, which is only about the same amount as two restaurant dinners for a couple.

In addition, over the next 12 months, every two weeks we will interview you online about a hot button current topic, either local or national, getting attention online. By providing legal commentary, your voice establishes legal expertise. And those full videos, plus teaser videos, just add to your online presence.

No financial obligation, no money up front. We produce the valued product (video interviews) first, get your videos online first, promote those videos all throughout social media first, make those videos available for your site first…..and only after all that, seeing your online presence greatly expand, do you have to decide if you want to continue.

Attorneys.Media will be the site for the public to get answers to their frequent questions about the legal system. Don’t be left out.

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