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How Should Lawyers Market Their Law Firm In Today’s Economy?

How Should Lawyers Market Their Law Firm In Today’s Economy?

Ray Hrdlicka – Host – Attorneys.Media

How should Lawyers market their law firm in today’s economy?

Surely, It’s a question on every lawyer’s mind.

The Recession


The cost of living



It affects all parts of your client’s life

And how does that affect you?

People are making hard choices as to where they spend their money

Now, Google says people research their questions and issues before making a decision to purchase

If people need an attorney, they are going to research online and compare choices.

So, how are you different from your competitor down the street, or across town?

Why not let potential clients see and hear you answer those questions the public always asks about your field of law?

Why not give yourself an opportunity to connect with that potential client by answering questions that are important to them?

Attorneys.Media is the answer

We are content creators for answers to legal questions the public always asks

Attorneys.Media creates an extraordinary amount of video content from just a one-hour interview.

So, here’s what we do. We will interview you for one hour about your field of law, edit those answers in 30-40 videos, put those videos up on our sites, together with a teaser video for each answer on a dozen social media sites, for ZERO cost.

Only after 30 days, when you say you want to continue seeing those videos online, will we arrange the monthly subscription, which is only about the same amount as two restaurant dinners for a couple.

Here’s the benefits to you.

One….Whenever a potential client researches a legal question that you have discussed, Google will show those videos because they answer the user’s query. People click on videos

Two….You can link those videos to your own site, so visitors to your site can view all your legal answers to those legal questions

Three….we create dozens of links from our sites to your sites. Google recognizes backlinks.

Four…we show your videos on at least two of our sites, thereby multiplying your exposure on Google.

Five…by creating teaser videos that drive traffic to the full videos on our sites, your online presence, your name and legal answers to a query, is shown in nearly a thousand online content/videos

Six….ask yourself, how many attorneys regularly use video to market their law firm. That fact alone will set you apart from competitors.

Seven….every two weeks we will interview you online about a hot button current topic, either local or national, getting attention online. By providing legal commentary, your voice establishes legal expertise. And those full videos, plus teaser videos, just add to your online presence.

Attorneys.Media will be the site for the public to get answers to their frequent questions about the legal system. Don’t be left out.

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